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Hôpital Montfort, Institut du Savoir Montfort and Santé Montfort launch joint strategic planning process

Montfort, Ontario's francophone academic hospital, Savoir Montfort, a knowledge institute, and Santé Montfort are launching a joint strategic planning process. To this end, the three organisations embark on an extensive consultation process at Montfort, in the region, and across the province as part of the hospital's provincial mandate, to develop a 2024-2028 strategic plan that will guide them towards Montfort's 75th anniversary.

The entire community is invited to register for community consultation sessions and public conferences, to reflect on the future of health care, teaching and research in the region, and across Ontario's francophonie. 

Community consultations

At least eight public consultations are planned:

Public conferences

Montfort will also hold thought-provoking public lecture series to inform its strategic choices. These will include prominent guest speakers:

To facilitate logistics, event registration is required via the links provided, be it to attend community consultations (in person only) or public conferences (in person or online).

For more information

For more information about this strategic planning process, visit People who are unable to attend the scheduled events can submit their ideas via an online form.

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