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Access to Information and Privacy Protection Office

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) is provincial legislation that came into effect on January 1, 1988. Since January 1, 2012, all hospitals in Ontario are subject to the FIPPA.

At Montfort, the Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Office oversees the application of the FIPPA and the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) within Montfort. We manage complaints and privacy breaches as they relate to both laws. 

We process the following requests: 

Under the FIPPA

  • Request for access to General Records  (Fees apply).
  • Request for access to Own Personal Information  (Fees apply - excluding medical records).
  • Request for correction to Own Personal Information (Excluding medical records).

Our access form is available online. 

Under the PHIPA

  • Request for access to personal health information (formerly clinical records) - access to clinical records; release of personal health information; confirmation of birth, hospital stay and death  (Fees apply).
  • Request for correction to personal health information.

The requests forms are available on the Personal Health Information Protection page.

Access to general records

You do not always need to submit a formal freedom of information request to access information from Montfort.

  • Information can be found on our website. It contains readily available records including hospital statistics, plans, reports and other documents.
  • If you cannot find the information on this website, consider requesting it from the department or area of the hospital you believe may have what you are looking for. The department or area will tell you whether the information can be provided to you informally, or whether you will have to submit a formal freedom of information request.
  • Whether you submit a formal or an informal request, please refer to our Directory of records and personal information bank to determine the exact nature of the information you are seeking. This will enable us to assist you better.
  • Disclosed documents are provided in their original written language.

Fees for a general record request

The hospital is permitted to charge certain fees in connection with responding to an FOI (Freedom of Information) request. Section 57(1) of FIPPA and Regulation 460 outline those costs.

Making an access request $5.00 must accompany a written request
Photocopies and computer printouts $0.20/page
Medical images on Pocket Health Fees apply in platform
Manually searching records $7.50/15 minutes per person
Record preparation charges, including severing a part of the record $7.50/15 minutes per person
Costs, including computer costs, incurred in locating, retrieving, processing or copying the record(s) if those costs are specified in an invoice received by the hospital. Actual costs incurred


Our Directory of records and personal information bank may also help you narrow the scope of your request.  

You can visit us during business hours (8:00 – 16:00). We are located in the D Wing, basement level, 00D135. 
Phone: 613-748-4903. 

Our Access to Information and Privacy Protection Office

Tel. :(613) 748-4903
Fax: (613) 748-4949 

NOTE: PDF documents are available in a different format upon request.