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Spiritual and religious services

At the heart of spiritual care is the belief that people suffer emotionally and spiritually at certain points in their lifetime.

Spirituality is defined and supported by the beliefs and values that we draw upon to derive meaning, purpose and strength. Sickness and the complications that arise from it can impact our spirituality and create psychological, social and physical stress.

The team is committed to attending compassionately to those suffering from anxiety, loneliness, despair, anger, discouragement, and any other form of spiritual dis-ease or distress. 

Our services

  • Visits by spiritual care volunteers
  • Distribution of the communion 
  • Masses 
  • Personalized spiritual practices (bedside smudging, sacrament of the sick, visit by members of the multi-faith clergy, etc.) 
  • Visit by Spiritual Care Counsellor, Licensed Psychotherapist (OPAO) 

Our team

Advisor to Spiritual and Religious Services: Our Spiritual Care Advisor provides counselling and spiritual support to patients and their families, and is also available for staff members. He sees to the religious and spiritual needs of the hospital.

Roman Catholic priests: We have two Roman Catholic priests on staff who are on-call and available at any given time for Roman Catholic rites/sacraments. Please see a member of the staff to request their assistance in contacting the priest who is on-call.  

Spiritual Care volunteers: We have a small team of dedicated volunteers who are committed to visiting the sick and providing compassionate support to people of any faith or belief system.

Religious leaders: We have a few teams of people of different religious backgrounds, other than Roman Catholic, who make themselves available for specific religious rites that a person might request. 

Prayer room

Our prayer room is located at 4C436 (north wing of 4C). This sacred space is open to all, of any religious or belief system, as a place of prayerful reflection or quiet meditation. 

You may make a request for use of the prayer room for a specific use, either on a regular basis, or for a special occasion. You may ask at the nursing station for help in contacting our advisor, so that your request may be brought forward. 

Contact us

You can contact our Advisor to Spiritual and Religious Services simply by asking a member of your health care team for spiritual care assistance, or by calling him directly at 613-746-4621 ext. 3900.



Prayer room: 4th floor, wing C. Room 4C436

Services available upon request on your unit.