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Plastic surgery

This clinic receives patients who require minor surgery under local anesthesia, such as cyst excision and biopsy.

Please note that a medical referral is mandatory. ​ 

Specialists :

Dr. Michel Gallant 
Telephone: 613-729-1616 
Fax: 613-729-3838 

Dr. Charles Etienne Ferron 
Telephone: 613-302-7935 
Fax: 613-421-3774

Dr. Photis Loizides
Telephone: 613-505-0220
Fax: 613-505-0209

Additional Notes

This service is also available at the Aline-Chrétien Health Hub.

If it is a surgery, please consult the section "Your surgery, from beginning to end".

Patients with an appointment will receive 
an automated reminder by phone, up to
5 days prior to their appointment. 

This service requires a medical referral from your physician.


Appointment management:
Fax a request to the doctor's office opposite.

For a clinic appointment
Reception: local 1D173 

For surgery
Registration: local 2A105  

To reach the clinic by telephone: 613-748-4930