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Intensive care unit

Our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) provides specialized care to critically ill patients who require enhanced monitoring. This modern, restricted unit includes 12 medical and surgical beds. Some of the treatments administered in the ICU include therapeutic hypothermia and hemofiltration.

Our team consists of administrative staff, orderlies, highly qualified nurses with specialized training and specialists. Its services are based on best practices and a multidisciplinary approach.

The ICU enlists the contributions of a wide range of health professionals, including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, social workers, dieticians and pharmacists. We also call on spiritual support services, volunteers and ethics resources.

The ICU also plays an important role in the hospital’s teaching mission. It hosts health sciences students and residents, and also participates in research projects.

Collaboration, idea-sharing and team work are the building blocks of our philosophy. Patient needs and safety are central to our daily concerns. Together, we form a dynamic team involved in an extremely rewarding and fascinating practice!

Visiting hours

  • Patients admitted to intensive care often experience moments of extreme stress. The comfort of family and friends is important. 
  • Patients must rest in order to recover. If their condition changes, the best time to visit might also change. The nurse will help you determine an appropriate visiting time.

Information requests

  • To ensure that the nurses can devote all of their time to patients, we ask that only one member of your family call us for updates about your loved one.
  • On your first visit you will receive a brochure containing information about our operating procedures to serve as a guide during your time with us.


Level 1, wing B