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Getting ready

The registration for admission can be done in person or by telephone.

Our reception services representative will guide you through admission procedures and schedule any tests required prior to your hospitalization. On the day or on the eve of your admission, we will confirm arrangements for your stay. We will give you an admission time, which can vary depending on whether your stay is long-term, short-term, or limited to a day surgery. We will also tell you the scheduled date of your discharge. Once you arrive, our reception services representative will welcome you and have you sign the required forms; following which you can make your way to your care unit.

Patients undergoing elective surgery must present themselves to the pre-admission clinic prior to their scheduled admission. This session enables us to collect all of the information related to your hospital stay and carry out the diagnostic tests prescribed by the doctor.

Change in admission date

An unforeseen emergency can force us to cancel your admission. This decision may be necessary when someone’s life is in immediate danger. We will, however, set another date for your admission as soon as possible.


We recommend that you bring all of your identity cards, your provincial health card, your personal health insurance card, your file number with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (if applicable) and a credit card.

Consult the list of personal effects we recommend you bring for your stay at the hospital. 

Programs and services

Consult the list of program and services offered at Hôpital Montfort.