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Archipel Ontario Health Team

Ontario Health Teams are an initiative of the Ontario government. This new model of care is intended to make it easier for individuals to access health care and services, and for organizations to better coordinate existing services. Ultimately, the goal is to improve the supply and quality of care while maximizing the impact of healthcare investments.

The Ottawa East Health Team Ontario (OE OHT) was formed in late 2019, through the working relationship of 25 partners, including Montfort.

In December 2022, the members of the Ottawa East Ontario Health Team and the Prescott Russell in development Team announced their alliance to form the Archipel Ontario Health Team (OHT).

In keeping with the territory of the two teams, which is bordered by the Ottawa River, Archipel (archipelago) symbolizes the grouping of entities that are relatively close to one another, and yet distinct, unique and vital to the ecosystem that they form together. Archipel is a multisectoral partnership born of a natural proximity that benefits all of its entities.

To learn more about the Archipel Ontario Health Team, visit its website at