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Comments, compliments and complaints

At Montfort, we strive to provide you with the best possible care and service, and we know there is always room for improvement.

Your feedback is essential to help us improve, and to celebrate the successes of our teams.

Whether you want to make a complaint or a compliment:

  • If you are currently at Montfort, please feel free to speak directly to the appropriate staff or area manager;
  • Fill out the form below;
  • Or leave your comments by phone at 613-746-4621 ext. 2263.

In addition, following your visit or hospitalization at Montfort, you may receive an email survey to find out your satisfaction with the care and services you received at Montfort (if you gave us your email address at registration). The survey is administered by a third party and your comments will be completely confidential. We invite you to complete the survey as soon as you receive it, in complete confidence.

Comments, compliments and complaints form


If your comment concerns a person currently hospitalized and you are at Montfort, please:

  1. speak to the staff concerned, or, if this option is unsatisfactory, 
  2. speak to the person in charge of the unit concerned, or, if you are still dissatisfied,
  3. fill in the form below.

You can also submit your comments by telephone, at 613-746-4621, ext. 2263.

What type of comment would you like to make?
Have you already spoken with the unit’s manager?
Does this comment concern you personally or is it based on the experience of someone close to you?
Share you experience:

What will happen next?

In the case of a compliment:

  • We will share your message with the people involved
  • If you agree, we may publish your message anonymously in the Journal Montfort

In the case of a complaint or a suggestion:

  • Within two business days, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt for your message
  • We will analyze the situation and make the necessary follow-ups with the departments concerned
  • Within 14 working days following the acknowledgement of receipt, we will share with you the results of our analysis and the recommendations put in place, if any. We will ask for your feedback and if you have any other suggestions
  • We will then communicate these recommendations to the appropriate teams to ensure the improvement of care and services at Hôpital Montfort

Note: Depending on the complexity of the situation, we may need more time to gather all the necessary elements to properly analyze the situation. If this is the case, we will contact you to keep you informed of the next steps.