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Emergency Measures

In case of an emergency, this page will explain the precautionary measures to be taken.

There is no emergency alert at this moment.


Emergency codes

Are you familiar with emergency codes? These are codes with different color names depending on the situation. These standard codes are used in most hospitals in Ontario. The staff at Montfort are all trained in emergency procedures. They regularly conduct simulations in order to react promptly if a code that concerns their area is called on the intercom system. 

List of Emergency Response Codes 

  • Code Amber: Missing Child 
  • Code Brown: Hazardous Material 
  • Code Black: Bomb Threat 
  • Code Blue: Cardiac Arrest 
  • Code Pink: Cardiac Arrest for a Baby 
  • Code Silver: Person with Weapon 
  • Code Gray: System Failure 
  • Code Orange: Disaster 
  • Code Red: Fire* 
  • Code White: Violent Individual 
  • Code Green: Evacuation* 
  • Code Yellow: Missing Patient 
  • Code Purple: Hostage 
  • Code 333: Obstetrics Emergency - mother 

 * Unlike other environments, it is not necessary to evacuate a hospital in the event of a fire alarm. Should an evacuation be declared, staff members are trained and equipped to safely evacuate patients and transfer them to a safe location.