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Directory of records and personal information bank

Hôpital Montfort provides a directory of the types of records held by the hospital as required by the Ontario Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The Directory of Records is divided into 10 classifications.


Documents on the administration and general governance of the hospital, including those associated with the Board of Directors. This includes organisational schemes, committee charters, agendas, minutes and information about programs and services.


Documents on the management of midwives and medical resources, medical structure including the medical advisory board, the other medical committees, and correspondence with external partners.


University affairs

  • Documents on the management of resources and services, professional and interprofessional teaching 
  • Documents on the Centre Prométhée: continuous professional development, continuous medical training
  • Documents on university and research affiliations


  • Documents associated with l’Institut de recherche de l’Hôpital Montfort, particularly documents on governance, administration, research, committees, approval and the ethical assessment of research projects


Documents on hospital communications with its employees, media and its partners in the community, the visual identity of the hospital, publications, translation, the website and the employee portal.


Financial affairs

  • Documents relating to the management of the financial affairs of the hospital such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, reconciliation, and accounting transactions.


  • Documents on procurement including contracts and agreements. 

Equipment and supplies

  • Documents on the management of equipment and supplies.


Documents relating to links with our partners, as well as accessibility, maintenance and repair of the facilities, space planning, housekeeping, nutrition, safety, parking and the portering service.


Planning and transformation

  • Documents relating to capital projects, project management, transformation, policies and procedures of the institution. 

Information technologies

  • Documents on the operational management of the technologies and information systems of the hospital, in particular those relating to project management, system design, training and technical support.

Strategic planning

  • Documents on the 2011-2015 strategic plan: action plan, initiation and implementation


Documents on clinical programs, particularly service delivery, healthcare management and the continuous improvement of service.

The documents deal with various clinical departments, diagnostic services, management of scheduling, pharmacy, palliative care, discharge planning, social work, clinical ethics, pastoral and volunteer services. 

Professional practice

  • Documents for orientation, integration, nursing procedures, medical directives, clinical pathways, protocols, patient information pamphlets, documentation in the clinical record, best practices, standards of practice, management of clinical healthcare systems


Patients clinico-administrative affairs

  • Documents relating to patient admission as well as telecommunications.

Quality and risk management

  • Documents on accreditation, quality improvement, client satisfaction, patient safety, infection prevention, risk management.

Performance, decision support and privacy protection

  • Documents on codification, organizational performance, decision support, clinical records, medical transcription, access to information and privacy protection.



  • Documents on staffing, recruiting, retention, succession planning, recognition program

Human resources

  • Documents on remuneration, labour relations, employment, contracts, performance review, workplace health and safety, and employee records

Workplace quality of life

  • Documents on the quality of life at work