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Bedside Technology

myHealthHub Smart Screens

myHealthHub screens are available right at your bed, in our medicine and surgery units and at the Family Birthing Centre.

These smart screens let you make phone and video calls, and access a variety of useful information during your stay, such as the Connected Care patient portal, the hospital website, the iMD medical library, and more, free of charge.

Rental packages offer additional services, including Internet browsing and use of applications such as YouTube, online games, access to your Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+ account, and connection of mobile devices to a WiFi hotspot.

To check out the complete list of services available from your bed, visit the HealthHub website here.

To activate HealthHub services,  call 1-866-223-3686, or visit ConnectMyBed.  

  • Select “Hôpital Montfort” and your bed location. If you are unsure of your room number, ask your care team.
  • Choose your desired service package (daily, weekly, or monthly).  
  • Pay using Visa, Via Debit, MasterCard, Mastercard Debit, or American Express.  

Rental pricing (before tax):  

  • Daily rental: $16  
  • Weekly rental (Buy 5 days, get 2 days free): $80 
  • Monthly rental (Buy 15 days, get 15 days free): $240 

Revenues from this service are donated to the Montfort Foundation.

Free WiFi access

Montfort offers free Internet access via the "Montfort Public" WiFi network. This network allows basic Internet browsing throughout the hospital.

In units without myHealthHub screens, such as the Emergency Department, Intensive Care and the Mental Health Program, the "Montfort Public" network allows video streaming. The same applies to areas such as the main entrance and cafeteria.