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Labor & delivery physicians

This clinic focuses on providing care during pregnancy and birth, as well as follow-up after delivery. Labor & delivery family physicians provide continuity of care for you and your baby. 

Perinatal and pediatric services offered at this clinic include: 

  • Low-risk pregnancy follow-up and delivery 
  • Post-delivery follow-up, including IUD and contraceptive implant placement
  • Newborn follow-up for up to 18 months after birth 

Newborn care is available by appointment only for those who do not have a physician in the community and whose pregnancy was followed at the clinic. The physician provides routine care which includes physiological jaundice, feeding (breast or bottle feeding), weight monitoring, bilirubin and parent-child bonding.

Routine immunization is also available for Ontario patients. Quebec patients have access to the CLSC for routine vaccination.

Walk-in emergency care for newborns is not available.

Labor & Delivery Physicians 

Eligibility criteria

  • Be pregnant
  • Have a valid Ontario or Quebec health card (Outaouais region only)

A medical referral is preferred, but not mandatory. 

To self-refer to this clinic, call the number on the right. 

Family physicians who wish to refer their patients to this clinic for the follow-up of their pregnancy and childbirth can send a request by fax.



Additional Notes

This service is also available via telehealth.

Patients with an appointment will receive 
an automated reminder by phone, up to
5 days prior to their appointment. 


Reception : room 1D114

Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 

For a first consultation: 613-748-4930

For a follow-up appointment: 613-746-4621 x 4929

Fax: 613-748-4974