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Community Stepped-Care Telehealth Program

The Community Stepped-Care Telehealth Program is an innovative program that responds to the critical need to provide French-speaking minority communities (FMCs) with better access to evidence-based psychological interventions.  

Stepped care is a promising approach to improving access and the quality of services offered to people suffering from disorders frequently encountered in primary care, such as anxiety and depression, as well as the psychological challenges associated with living with chronic physical illnesses.     

This program, offered by Montfort Hospital, targets French-speaking patients aged 18 and over, living in Ontario and presenting symptoms related to mental health issues.  

Please note that the following french video includes english subtitles. 

Step 1 (light intensity) of our stepped-care model offers access to a virtual clinic called "ēquilia", which is accessible 24/7 on the web, and teaches cognitive-behavioral knowledge and strategies proven effective for a variety of psychological issues, including but not limited to depression and anxiety. If step 1 is not sufficient to relieve psychological distress, the patient can then move on to step 2.

Step 2 (moderate intensity) consists of individual or group psychotherapy, provided by a psychotherapist or psychologist (including doctoral-level interns in clinical psychology under the supervision of a psychologist) from Montfort Hospital, via videoconference. 

The model also includes stage 3 (high intensity), which includes two modalities: a psychiatric assessment with a Montfort-affiliated psychiatrist via videoconference for pharmacological management and diagnostic clarification AND/OR a more in-depth or specialized psychological assessment and psychotherapy, offered via videoconference by a psychologist (or doctoral-level psychology intern under the close supervision of a psychologist). 

This program is made possible with the financial support of Health Canada - Official Languages in Health Program (OLHP).

Additional Notes

This service is also available via telehealth.