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Update of the information of the members - Montfort Association

Hôpital Montfort Association

General requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Be a resident of the province of Ontario for at least 3 consecutive months prior to date of membership;
  • Be interested in promoting the mission, vision and values of Montfort;
  • Not having been found mentally incompetent by a court of law, not being an undischarged bankrupt and not having been disqualified;
  • Not be an employee or a member of the professional staff of Hôpital Montfort or the spouse or common-law partner of such person.

To help us get to know you and for more information regarding your Areas of Professional Expertise, we encourage you to send us your Curriculum Vitae (CV).


If your mother tongue is not French, what is your level of competency with French?

Oral comprehension and expression
Written comprehension and expression

The Hôpital Montfort Association wishes to be representative of its community. It encourages people from the Aboriginal, ethno-cultural, Black, LGBTQ2+, and disability communities to self-identify. Please indicate if you belong to any of the following communities:

Would you still like to be a member of the Association?
Would you like to participate in a board committee?

If you have not already done so, we would appreciate it if you would send us your updated resume for more information regarding your professional expertise listed below.

Please indicate your areas of professional knowledge and expertise. You may check more than one area.

Clinical Care
Law and Ethics
Teaching and Research
Financial Expertise
Real Estate Development
Business / Administration
Quality and Safety (evaluation and monitoring)


Each member shall sign this declaration stating that he/she :

  • has read and understands the specific qualities of the character and role as a Franco-Ontarian institution of Hôpital Montfort which was recognized in the unanimous judgment of the Ontario Court of Appeal of December 7, 2001 (Lalonde v. Ontario (Health Services Restructuring Commission, 2001),
  • has read and agrees to support the objectives, mission, vision and values of the Association and meets the requirements set out therein
  • is not employed or a member of the professional staff of Hôpital Montfort and is not the spouse or common-law partner of such person. 

As a member of the Montfort Hospital Association, I agree to the responsibilities described above.


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