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Montfort opens transitional care beds in a seniors’ residence

Ottawa, January 24, 2023 – To increase capacity in the hospital, Hôpital Montfort begins transferring patients waiting for an “alternate level of care” to a dedicated 20-bed unit at Beacon Heights Retirement Residence in Ottawa’s Gloucester neighbourhood.

Beacon Heights Residence has created a living environment tailored to the needs of low-acuity, low-risk patients, and is more appropriate than hospital rooms for these patients. 

Physicians from Montfort will continue to provide care for the transferred patients, with support from other healthcare professionals from the hospital, and additional support from the staff of Beacon Heights. Care will be available in either English or French.

The decision to relocate patients from Montfort was made after careful consideration, focusing on patients whose acute care needs have been resolved and who can now be safely cared for in another environment – patients who require an alternate level of care. The transfer to the residence will allow these patients to benefit from a living environment better suited to their current needs.

“At Montfort, we aim to provide exemplary care for our patients,” said Dr. Bernard Leduc, Chief Executive Officer of the hospital. “Moving patients who no longer require acute care to the Beacon Heights Residence will ensure that they can be safely cared for while waiting for the next step in their health journey. These changes will help free up hospital beds for people waiting to be admitted.”

Montfort’s transferred patients will be concentrated on the 6th floor of Beacon Heights; they will remain Montfort patients, ensuring they will have access to the appropriate level of care. It is important to note that once a Montfort patient has been transferred to Beacon Heights Residence, they will not lose their priority on the waiting list for access to the long-term care home or other residence of their choice.

Beacon Heights Residence is located 4.5 km from Montfort. The residence’s visitation policy will be in effect for the Montfort patients, and parking is free.

Funding for these 20 beds is made possible with the financial support of the Ontario Ministry of Health.

“We want to express our deepest gratitude to the management of Beacon Heights Residence, who have been a remarkable partner, and to the Ministry of Health and Ontario Health, who have shown great flexibility with this innovative project,” added Dr. Leduc.

“These beds will support improved health outcomes for older adults by providing the right care in the right place at the right time. They will also provide an increased number of beds to enable improved patient flow across the system, at a time when more capacity is much needed,” said Anna Greenberg, Chief Regional Officer, Toronto and East, Ontario Health.

“We look forward to welcoming the patients from Montfort to our beautiful residence during their transition from acute care needs to getting back to their community,” welcomes Lily Goodman, Chief Operating Officer of All Seniors Care Living Centres.

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Photo: One of the rooms assigned to patients from Hôpital Montfort who are no longer in need of acute care, on the 6th floor of the Beacon Heights Retirement Residence, in Ottawa.

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