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  • 1997

    February 24

    Ontario’s Health Services Restructuring Commission recommends closure of Hôpital Montfort.

  • 1997

    February 25

    Creation of the SOS Montfort movement, led by Gisèle Lalonde, to save the hospital from closure.

    Ms. Gisèle Lalonde
  • 1997

    March 22

    Close to 10 000 people fill the room during the Grand Ralliement solidarity rally, with songs, music and speeches.

    Musicians on stage surrounded by Franco-ontarian flags
  • 1997

    May 30

    The Commission postpones its final decision on hospital closings in Ottawa.

  • 1997

    June 18

    Unveiling of the SOS Montfort Resistance Monument.

    Contre-monument "Place Oh! Francophones Anonymes d'Amérique"
  • 1997

    August 13

    The Commission announces that Hôpital Montfort will remain open and retain its own administration.

  • 1998

    March 20

    The laneway leading up to the hospital is renamed “Avenue du 22 mars” to mark the anniversary of the Grand Ralliement solidarity rally.

  • 1998

    August 13

    The SOS Montfort Fund campaign is launched. 

    Mrs. Michelle de Courville Nicol at the microphone in front of the poster of the Fonds de la Résistance
  • 1999

    June 14 to 18

    Montfort’s cause is defended by Ronald Caza before three judges of the Ontario Divisional Court, before a packed courtroom.

    Mr. Ronald Caza surrounded by his team.
  • 1999

    November 29

    The Ontario Divisional Court rules in favour of Montfort and contests the Commission’s instructions. The Court orders that the hospital remain open.

  • 2001

    May 14 to 17

    Three judges of the Court of Appeal hear both parties defend their positions in Toronto.

  • 2001

    December 17

    Victory! Ontario’s Court of Appeal hands down a unanimous and unequivocal decision in favour of SOS Montfort.

    Gérald Savoie and Gisèle Lalonde shaking hands in gage of victory
  • 2002


    Following the Court of Appeal’s ruling, and in light of chronic under-funding, the hospital receives a large budget to enable it to pursue its double mission of community services and teaching.

  • 2003

    November 12

    Launch of the book “Montfort : la lutte d’un people” by Michel Gratton, in the main entrance of the hospital. 

    Book cover "Monfort : la lutte d'un peuple"
  • 2004


    Creation of the “March 22 Medal.” Twenty-two of these medals are minted, to be awarded to individuals who have shown pride, determination and tenacity, three qualities crucial to the success of Hôpital Montfort.

    March 22 medal
  • 2009

    June 9

    Unveiling of a mural commemorating the SOS Montfort movement on the Vanier Parkway, close to McArthur Avenue. 

    Unveiling of the mural
  • 2010

    October 13

    Official unveiling of La Francophonie Monument in front of the hospital, before a crowd of some 200 people. 

    La Francophonie Monument in front of the hospital
  • 2013

    March 22

    Proclamation of March 22 as the Day of Franco-Ontarian Solidarity by Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, on the anniversary of the Grand Ralliement solidarity rally. 

    Jim Watson and Gisèle Lalonde holding a certificate
  • 2017

    March 22

    The Foundation presents a performance to celebrate 20 years of franco-ontarian Solidarity.