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Salary disclosure

Since 1996, all of Ontario’s hospitals have been subject to the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act. Every year, they are required to disclose the names, positions, salaries and total taxable benefits of employees earning over $100,000 per annum.

The salaries of public and broader public sector employees is published on the Web site of the Ontario Ministry of Finance.

Here are the components of Hôpital Montfort executives remuneration.

Base compensation plus variable compensation

Remuneration and explanations CEO Senior Vice-Presidents Vice-Presidents

Base and variable compensation for 2023

The compensation of the executives is based on a comparative analysis of salaries paid in Ontario hospitals similar in size and mandate. 

Dr Bernard Leduc (until July 28, 2023)
$410 667

Dominic Giroux 
(contract in French only - starting July 31, 2023)
$410 667

Dr. Thierry Daboval:
$269 606

Mélanie Dubé:
$253 849

Caroline Roy-Egner:
$253 849

Martine Potvin:
$246 448

* Prime for adjunct CEO (if applicable):
$4 685

Valérie Dubois Desroches:
$203 463

Geneviève Picard:
$200 000

Variable compensation

The compensation of each executive is associated with the achievement of targets and strategic objectives (payment is limited at the amount set out in 2011 as per Bill 55).


10% 5%  5% 


Each executive is entitled to the benefits package offered to managerial staff, which includes a short and long-term disability insurance, a group life insurance, dental insurance and a supplementary health insurance.

Same for all senior executives Same for all senior executives Same for all senior executives

Allowance for the use of a personal vehicle

Executives do not receive an annual allowance for the use of a personal vehicle. Kilometre charges are reimbursed according to hospital policy. 

Same for all senior executives Same for all senior executives Same for all senior executives