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Breast Cancer

Steps for breast cancer care

A member of the breast clinic will accompany you every step of the way.

Step 1: Meeting with a Surgeon

  • Patient is given an appointment with a Breast Clinic surgeon soon after their referral by their attending physician.
  • The surgeon reviews the patient’s medical records and may perform a physical breast exam.
    No x-rays are taken at this initial meeting.

Step 2: Tests and Examinations

  • Depending on the case, the surgeon may ask the patient to pass additional tests and examinations to confirm the diagnosis (i.e., radiology, biopsy).
    In this case, Hôpital Montfort will contact the patient to schedule test dates.

Step 3: The Results

  • The patient must contact the Breast Clinic to schedule a follow-up appointment as soon as the test dates are set.
    Telephone: 613-748-4930

If you receive a positive diagnosis for breast cancer, the Breast Clinic team will continue to support you and offer you personalized care.


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