Your dollars at work

The Foundation proudly supports Montfort Hospital in its mission of offering exemplary person-centred care and shares its values of compassion, respect, mutual support, excellence and accountability.

The funds raised are invested in purchasing equipment, supporting the Institut du Savoir Montfort in research and education and providing ongoing medical health professional training to ensure they provide the best possible care.

"For You, Sweet Heart" Fundraising Campaign

This $2,5 million campaign concluded on December 31, 2017 and was a wonderful achievement. Chaired by well-known lawyer and philanthropist Lawrence Greenspon, the campaign was very successful and highly publicized.

The "For You, Sweet Heart" Fundraising Campaign enabled Montfort to acquire a CT scanner with a specialized cardiac module, which has already been used to save lives. In service since November 2, 2017, this state-of-the-art equipment is an important addition to our teaching hospital services. 


Televisions in the intensive care rooms

Until very recently, patients in intensive care had access to only two portable television sets for entertainment. The televisions were not connected to cable and were used to watch movies on DVD brought in by staff members. To avoid the risk of infection, the televisions had to be cleaned after each use. So the Foundation had television screens set up in each intensive care patient’s room, much to the delight of staff, who noted an increase in satisfaction in both patients and their families.



Four clinical excellence bursaries of $3,000 each were awarded for Francophone consolidation practicums in nursing. A scholarship was also awarded for a Francophone consolidation practicum for a nursing assistant student from Collège Boréal.

Investment in Research

  • Researchers
  • Grants for research projects
  • Research chairs
  • Scientific activities and outreach
  • Research development