Why give?

From the time it opened in 1953, Montfort Hospital has always achieved distinction through its deep dedication, Francophone profile and quest for excellence. To continue offering the same high quality care and warm, competent environment to its clienteles, it must remain at the cutting edge of progress. This is where the Montfort Hospital Foundation comes into play, its primary purpose being to provide the hospital with financial support.

Your generous donations are a vital component of this process. Small or large, your contribution has a direct and cumulative impact on the quality of life of patients and their significant others.

Our donors play a major role in the daily activities of Montfort Hospital. They financially contribute to improving care, fostering scientific research, training new physicians and purchasing state-of-the-art medical equipment. Needless to say, this generosity also brings significant benefits for donors such as attractive tax advantages. A win-win situation for all concerned!

The Montfort Hospital Foundation relies on the support of people like you. It will continue to flout the limits of the impossible and encourage the quest for excellence among our extended family. Your donations are paving the way to an ever brighter future!

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