Temporary Bed Closures

Ottawa, Novembrer 24, 2021 — At Hôpital Montfort, our first concern is always the health and safety of our patients, their loved ones, and our team members.

That is why we have made the difficult decision to close a few beds, effective November 24.

Like all hospitals in the region, Montfort has faced a challenge for years in hiring qualified staff - a challenge exacerbated, in Montfort's case, by the requirement for candidates to be able to speak both French and English.

In addition, we are very aware of the impact that working in a pandemic for 20 months has had on our team members. Many people who had delayed their departure to take part in the fight against the pandemic are now taking a well-deserved retirement or reorienting their careers.

Every day, building the work schedule for clinical teams is becoming more and more challenging.

It is in this context that we have made the decision to keep 26 medicine beds closed until mid-January, whereupon we will reassess the situation. We believe this is the right decision to make to ensure the quality of care and safety of our patients and staff, just like our universal immunization policy – which was not a factor in making this decision.

This change should not impact our patients. This plan allows us to continue to catch up on surgeries and we continue to provide the same quality care and services. The Emergency Department remains open at all times, as usual. Appointments are proceeding as planned. Internally, we are simply organizing differently.

Of course, we realize that today's announcement will have an impact on admission times for patients who come to the Emergency Department and need to be hospitalized, as well as on the performance of the entire hospital; but it would not be safe to continue at the current pace.