What is telemedicine?
Telemedicine at Montfort allows you to consult a health specialist without traveling. Montfort uses various innovative technologies to offer care, such as two-way videoconferencing and store forward. 

Telemedicine uses video cameras and monitors to connect you to specialists who are not located near you. A telemedicine consultation is similar to a regular appointment, except that the specialist appears on a screen.

The health professional who is accompanying you can help during the examination by using telediagnostic equipment such as a digital stethoscope or an examination camera. The health professional can listen to your heart and breathing or examine your ears, heart and throat, as if he or she were in the examining room with you.

Telemedicine at Hôpital MontfortTelemedecine coordinator and her patient

Montfort recognises the value of telemedicine to provide care to patients who have to travel great distances to see their health care professional. Telemedicine allows patients and their families to receive care in their own community.

Hôpital Montfort promotes the following three elements related to telemedicine: clinical, educational and administrative. Thanks to this technology, this means that training sessions, among others, are offered. Administrative meetings are also held with participants from different regions, bringing together interdisciplinary teams separated by hundreds of kilometers.

Practicing Specialists at Hôpital Montfort

  • Dr. Mathieu Carrière
  • Dr. Denis Chauret
  • Dr. René Ducharme
  • Dr. Philip Bryan Fleuriau-Château
  • Dr. Paul Greenman
  • Dr. Jean Grenier
  • Dr. Linda Lacroix
  • Dr. Andrew George Marshall
  • Dr. Marc Paul Mauguin
  • Dr. Guy Moreau
  • Dr. Marc Prud’homme-Foster
  • Dr. Mark Steeves
  • Dr. Daniel Trottier

Available Services 

  • Chirurgie
  • Hématologie
  • Médecine interne
  • Orthopédie
  • Psychiatrie
  • Psychology
  • Urologie

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Contact us:

You may also contact Sylvie L. Poloni, telemedecine coordinator at 613-746-4621, extension 4319 or by fax at 613-907-8046

Information :

Judith Boileau, 
Special Projects Advisor – Telemedicine - Clinical Ethics
613-746-4621 ext 3104