Andrea Stewart, MD, FRCPC

Dr Andrea Stewart has a doctorate in medicine from McMaster University and completed her specialization in geriatric psychiatry at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre. She is now Chief of Inpatient Psychiatric Services and Director of Continuing Medical Education in psychiatry at the Hôpital Montfort. She is also adjunct professor at the University of Ottawa. Her research interests focus on risk management in mental health services, mainly risks related to suicide and violence. In the next three years, she will lead a project which will aim at create a mental health system that will allow clinical teams to improve risks management regarding suicide and violence and also improve the quality of care offered to the patients receiving healthcare at the Hôpital Montfort. This project will allow to make adjustment to the actual system protocol and update the training offered to health professionals.

Research Interest

  • Risk management
  • Mental health
  • Continuous training
  • Suicide
  • Violence


Main address: 
Hôpital Montfort, 713 Montreal Rd., Ottawa (ON) K1K0T2
Main telephone: 
(613) 746-4621 ext. 3908 /3917