Social workers

Our social workers engage with patients to arrange short-term care or accommodate mental health needs. They serve outpatients and work at satellite clinics. They support people with social functioning problems caused by their health condition. Lastly, they play a leading role on health care teams in relation to the various services offered to clients.

Our social workers perform the following duties

In addition to responding to crisis situations, they act on the basis of psychosocial assessment to perform the following tasks.

  • Plan discharges in close cooperation with other professionals to ensure that hospitalized patients return home safely.
  • Detect risk situations (violence, abuse, neglect, etc.).
  • Develop health care plans to help people resolve emotional, family, social or economic problems.
  • Support clients and their loved ones by guiding them to appropriate resources in the community.


travailleuse_sociale_crevier_2013.jpg“What attracted me to Hôpital Montfort was its sense of community and the Francophone environment. From the time I started, I’ve been surrounded by a dynamic, warm and devoted team. I like my job a lot because of the daily action, the collaboration with other professionals, the diversity of our clientele and the quick pace of our interventions! I can truly say that I am content and that I’ve finally found where I belong!”
Manon Crevier, Social Worker at Montfort since June 2011