Signed agreements

  1. The University of Ottawa and Hôpital Montfort have entered into an agreement with respect to the ethical review of research:
Research conducted by University Personnel at or through Hôpital Montfort and for which the interaction with human participants occurs at the hospital and its affiliated sites needs to be reviewed by Montfort’s REB. One of the University REB following Montfort’s REB approval will conduct a delegated or administrative reviews of these research protocols, as necessary.
Montfort’s staff defined as all employees, physicians, students, and contract workers, whether they are full-time or part time; and indeterminate or term cross-appointed at a university or members of its Institut du Savoir conducting/collaborating on a research project (independent of whether the study is recruiting at or through Hôpital Montfort and its affiliated sites), the research requires review by Montfort’s REB.
  1. Hôpital Montfort and CTO Streamlined Research Ethics Review System have entered into an agreement with respect to the ethical review of research. This is a streamline approach to ethics review by a single qualified REB (the REB of Record) and oversight for multiple participating sites. All studies use the same interface and REB application forms, irrespective of which REB is assuming the oversight. It is possible to consult the list of participating sites on CTO website.
Multi-site research
Montfort’s REB does accept submissions using the application form from other REB. Investigators are required to submit an application to each REB where the research will be conducted, unless there is a signed contractual agreement with the REB’s where the research will be conducted. The REB responsible for the primary site of the research should do the first ethics review.
For all research approved by another REB, Montfort’s REB must still review them to determine that the project will met all our requirements, thus the research team shall:
  1. Follow all procedures of Montfort’s REB, without limitation;
  2. Submit to the authority of Montfort’s REB;
  3. The research cannot proceed until Montfort’s REB aproves it, and, if applicable, when contractual agreement(s) are executed.