Short-term rehabilitation unit

The rehabilitation unit’s primary mission is to maximize the ability of hospitalized patients to regain their former functioning capacity and promote their independence while fostering a holistic, interdisciplinary approach.

Our unit is mandated to provide general rehabilitation and evaluation services to its clientele in the fields of orthopedics, neurology, cardiology, pulmonology and geriatrics. It works with a maximum of 21 hospitalized patients confronting difficulty in regaining their former level of autonomy. It also aims to educate and equip these patients to live safely in their surroundings.

One nurse practitioner, two occupational therapists, two physiotherapists, two therapeutic services assistants, one speech therapist, one social worker, one nurse responsible for managing discharges, a dietician and a pharmacist support the activities of family physicians under the supervision of the medical director.

Our Rehabilitation Unit includes an evaluation room, a fitness room equipped with specialized equipment, a dining room and a kitchen. These surroundings allow health professionals to assess the ability of patients to perform their daily and household activities.

Promotion of Mobilization Program (PROMO)

Montfort is proud of its Promotion of Mobilization program (ProMo), an offshoot of the Mobilization of Vulnerable Elders in Ontario (MOVE ON) project funded by the Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario (CAHO). ProMo has been established in all of the hospital’s surgical, medical, rehabilitation and psychogeriatric units. Montfort understands the importance of keeping active in the hospital to reduce the risk of potential complications resulting from long periods of bed rest.


Rehabilitation 4C

Telephone: 613-746-4621, ext. 3201

Patients with an appointment at Hôpital Montfort will receive an automated confirmation call up to 5 days prior to their appointment.