Senior managers' performance evaluation program

In 2010, Hôpital Montfort established a new management team under the supervision of Dr. Bernard Leduc, its President and Chief Executive Officer. The Board of Trustees created a new employment contract for individuals reporting to the President & CEO (see contract template).

Not only does this new contract encompass performance-based remuneration, it also includes a responsibility agreement (see Annex C of the contract template)

The current agenda forms part of the directions taken in the 2011-2015 Strategic Plan and in the Excellent Care for All Act, 2010.

In 2011, the performance objectives of the Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) related to the compensation of senior managers.

In 2012, Hôpital Montfort extended the performance evaluation of its senior managers by referencing best practices in order to optimize reporting and accountability.

In the Spring of 2012, following the 2011-2012 performance review, there took place a complete identification of organizational objectives and specific indicators as they relate to activities specific to the duties of each senior manager. The Board of Trustees approved these objectives, which have been included in the 2012-2013 Quality Improvement Plan.

In summary, in 2012-2013, we will be able to complete a full performance appraisal cycle in relation to strategic and organizational objectives in order to continually support the best improvement targets set for Hôpital Montfort’s development.

Performance Evaluation Authorities

  • For the President and Chief Executive Officer: the Board of Trustees
  • For senior managers: the President and Chief Executive Officer

Major Components of the Senior Managers' Performance Evaluation Program

Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees

  • The Executive Committee governs all performance and compensation related activities of the President and Chief Executive Officer and Senior Managers.

Senior Managers' Performance Evaluation Process (in progress for 2012-2013)

  • On an annual basis, each senior manager is evaluated according to the expectations inherent in strategic and organizational objectives.
  • The evaluation takes place after the identified targets are met, discussions are held and feedback is received from superiors.
  • 360-degree evaluation tools involving colleagues, employees and clients may be used as needed.

Performance Objectives and Targets

  • Each senior manager has from eight to ten objectives to achieve. Annual organizational objectives are determined by the President and Chief Executive Officer and his management team. Personal objectives are identified between the President and Chief Executive Officer and senior managers. These may comprise operational or functional objectives, depending on the gaps noted.

Professional Development

  • Based on performance, feedback and objectives set for the year, each senior manager must identify professional development opportunities that will enhance performance.

Senior Executive Compensation Program

  • The compensation of senior managers is approved by the Board of Trustees pursuant to the recommendations of the Executive Committee.
  • Compensation paid to the President and CEO and to other senior managers is determined on the basis of their performance evaluation, a market analysis and the guidelines of the Ontario Hospital Association.