Security and privacy safeguards

Security and privacy safeguards

All the databanks have to be in an environment where the level of security is suited to the types of data that they host:

a)       Prevent every unauthorized person to access the installations;

b)       Prevent people and organisations, that have not been authorized by the REB, to use the data and the biological material;

c)       Ensure that data can’t be read, copied, modified or moved by an unauthorized person;

d)       Ensure the introduction of unauthorized data in the computer system.

Consent form

This document has to inform the participants of the following elements:

  • Identify specifically what will be stored and where,
  • The purpose of the future research,
  • The form in which they will be used (coded or not, in an irrevocable way or not, etc.),
  • The place where they are stored and how they will be protected,
  • The duration of the period of data retention or the material and how they will be destroyed.