A screen that changes lives

March 13, 2019


A few weeks ago, the Montfort Foundation team visited the hospital's mental health unit to learn more about the care and services offered. During the tour, we had the pleasure of meeting André and Pierre—two dedicated volunteers who devote their time and energy to alleviating the anxiety of patients on the unit—through their love of music.

While chatting with them, they shared with us how a simple television screen could improve the unit's music group. The screen would allow them to offer much more interactive and animated musical sessions, which would encourage more active patient participation and have a profound impact on the health status of many patients.

The following week, the Foundation provided the music group with a television. "This is a great example of collaboration that directly contributes to improving patient care," says Annie Boisvert, clinical director of Mental Health.

In fact, it is a concrete example of the essential role the Montfort Foundation plays. By soliciting the generosity of people like you in our community, we are able to meet the needs that have a direct, immediate and powerful impact on the quality of life of patients at Montfort.

That's why each donation—no matter the amount—is worth its weight in gold!

"A special thank you to our two musicians, André and Pierre, who bring joy and happiness to our patients. Thank you for your smile and your compassionate human approach," concludes Annie Boisvert.

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