Satellite Centres and Partnerships

Satellite Centres

As an institution of vital importance to the wellbeing of the Franco-Ontarian community, Hôpital Montfort has always been concerned with serving the community's health needs in French.

During the 1980's, aware of the lack of health services available in the United Counties of Prescott and Russell, Hôpital Montfort decided to deliver services beyond the walls of its facilities.  Accordingly, it set up various satellite centres, including a physiotherapy centre in Clarence Creek, a community mental health centre in Rockland and a point of service in Casselman staffed with mental health professionals.  Later, in 1992, the hospital added a community rehabilitation centre in Orléans to serve its employees who had been injured at work. This was an effort to more effectively coordinate their treatment and help them return to work as soon as possible.

The Santé Montfort Health Medical Clinic opened in 2000 in Orléans at the Portobello shopping centre on Innes Road.  Its rehabilitation services include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, registered massage therapy and kinesthesiology. In 2004 a “hospital” space was created to accommodate a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) device. It was the first time that an MRI had entered operation in Ontario in a community setting rather than in a hospital.


Health Services

In addition to creating satellite centres, Hôpital Montfort endeavoured to establish partnerships with institutions or stakeholders active in the health field that could administer the services provided.

For example, Montfort negotiated an agreement in 1997 with Accident Injury Management (AIM), a coalition of private clinics, to administer its workplace injury centre known as the Centre des accidentés de travail Montfort.  This was the first time that an Ontario hospital had entered into this type of agreement with a private company.

In 2002, Hôpital Montfort created Santé Montfort (not to be confused with "Santé Montfort Health"). Santé Montfort is a not-for-profit corporation with an independent board of directors, responsible, among other things, for the building housing a long-term care centre, located behind the hospital. Since the opening of the centre in 2003, Revera Retirement Living has been managing and operating the Montfort Long Term Care Centre, providing care and services to its residents.  

Santé Montfort is also called upon to manage the contract with the Government of Canada for the Canadian Forces Health Services Centre-Ottawa, located in Wing D of the New Montfort, where National Defence provides a full range of primary care services to members of the Canadian Forces in the National Capital Region.

In 2005 the Ottawa Withdrawal Management Centre of the Sisters of Charity of Ottawa became affiliated with Hôpital Montfort. The centre is managed by the Montfort Renaissance community agency.  Montfort Renaissance, the outcome of a collaboration between the hospital and the Horizons Renaissance agency, offers accommodation to individuals who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless because of a dependency on drugs, alcohol or prescription medication. Settled in its new premises on Montreal Road beginning in 2012, this residential service helps people struggling with substance use issues regain control of their lives in comfortable, safe surroundings. 

Always attuned to the needs of its clientele, the hospital recently turned its attention to “orphaned patients”, i.e., patients who come to Montfort’s emergency department and are hospitalized, but have no family physician to perform follow-up after their discharge. This was why the hospital supported the development of the Orleans Family Health Hub project, which the Champlain LHIN had proposed to the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care. 


Hôpital Montfort is a Group A academic teaching hospital. It received this Ontario designation in June 2013 as a hospital centre with all of the amenities and expertise required to deliver comprehensive clinical training to medical residents and students in the health professions. It is the only institution in Ontario capable of delivering this kind of training in French.

The hospital has signed some fifty affiliation agreements with various partners and is thus able to offer training in a vast number of fields within the institution. These agreements apply to instruction for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, medical radiation technicians, dieticians, ambulance paramedics, personal support workers and social workers.

The University of Ottawa and La Cité are among its most important partners.

In 1992 Hôpital Montfort signed an agreement with the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Medicine to provide clinical training to family medicine residents. Renewed in 2005 and again in 2011, the last agreement was much more exhaustive; it includes four University of Ottawa faculties as well as the five Ottawa hospitals active in teaching.

The first agreements with the Francophone college La Cité date back to the 1990s. Today, the hospital prefers to maintain an umbrella agreement with this partner, given its qualifications in a large number of health sciences programs. 

The hospital has also developed partnerships with the Université du Québec en Outaouais and Laurentian University in Northern Ontario. With respect to its partnership with Collège Boréal, and by way of illustration, it delivered over 3,500 days of professional instruction through administrative internships in 2012.

In January 2014 Hôpital Montfort took aim to reach a younger clientele and encourage these individuals to choose a career in the health field. It joined with the Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est (CECCE) to offer a unique workplace learning experience to their secondary school students enrolled in the health care and medical technologies component of the FOCUS program.


Hôpital Montfort works in close collaboration with many agencies to meet the health care needs of the Franco-Ontarian community. These agencies include:

  • the Consortium national de formation en santé (CNFS), whose mission it is to expand the presence and contribution of Francophone researchers in order to more effectively respond to the health needs of Francophone minority communities and, in doing so, improve their wellbeing through access to services.
  • the Champlain Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), which is mandated to plan, coordinate and fund health services in Eastern Ontario. 
  • the Réseau des services de santé en français de l’Est de l’Ontario, which is mandated to advise the Champlain LHIN on all health issues affecting the region’s Francophone community; and,
  • the Société Santé en français, a national movement, which is designed to improve the health of Francophones across Canada.



Hôpital Montfort is a member of many associations, including:

  • the Canadian Healthcare Association;
  • the Association of Canadian Academic Healthcare Organizations;
  • the Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario (an organization that represents the interests of Ontario’s 25 academic hospitals);
  • the Ontario Hospital Association;  and,
  • the Eastern Ontario Regional Laboratory Association