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Sébastien Savard, PhD Scientist Community organization, Social economy, Services to youth and families, Management of social services, Evaluation of social practices, Local governance
Jane Schuler Clinical Researcher Liens entre la santé physique du nouveau-né et la santé mentale des parents, Hypoglycémie Néonatale
Marguerite Soulière, PhD Affiliate scientist Life cycles events, Risk of pathologization, Redefinitions of male/female, New networks of "key relations" (social kinship) and intra/intergenerational transmission, The use of creation as a method of data collection
Dawn Stacey, RN, PhD, CON(C) Affiliate scientist Supporting patients’ decision making with decision support tools and nurse coaching, Oncology nursing, Nurse telephone consultation, Knowledge translation and implementation of innovations in practice and organizations
Andrea Stewart, MD, FRCPC Clinical Researcher Risk management, Mental health, Continuous training, Suicide, Violence
Taryn Taylor, BKin, MSc, MD, CCFP, Dip Sport Med Clinical Researcher Chronic exertional compartment syndrome, Osteoarthritis, Concussion, Metabolism
Raymond Tempier, MD, M. Sc, FRCPC, CSPQ, FCPA Clinical Senior Researcher Mental health, Linguistic minorities, Psychiatric epidemiology, Physical comorbidity
Marie-Claude Thifault, PhD Scientist Women’s Studies, Women, mental illness, institutionnalization in asylum, Women’s religious communities, Social and cultural history: Quebec, Canada, History of mentality, privacy and intimacy in asylum world, micro-history
Jocelyne Tourigny, PhD Senior Scientist Preoperation preparation of children and parents, Emotional distress of young children, Education of parents, Participation of parents in healthcare of the child, Role of fathers in healthcare, Health of Francophones families
Amanda Vandyk, RN PhD Scientist Mental Health Psychiatric, Nursing Education