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First name Last namesort descending IRHM Designation Research interests
Alexandre Dumas, PhD Scientist Social inequalities in health and life styles among different social groups, Economic, political, ethical and social aspects of elderly and aging populations
Heather Flowers Scientist Exploration of neuroanatomic and behavioral concordance between swallowing and communication
Bénédicte Fontaine-Bisson, DtP, PhD Affiliate scientist Nutrigenomics, Chronic diseases – Obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, Inflammation, Energy metabolism, Epidemiology/biostatistics, Nutrition interventions
Thomas Foth, PhD Scientist Nursing history and discourse analysis, Queer theories and postcolonial theories, Professionalization
Geneviève Gauthier, PhD Affiliate scientist Simulation, Evaluation of clinical teachers in learning contexts by case
Isabelle Giroux PhD, RD, BEd, PHEc Scientist Clinical and community nutrition, Healthy lifestyles, Interdisciplinary approach, Prevention of obesity and diabetes, Treatment of obesity and diabetes, Prevention and treatment of gestational diabetes
Paul-Samuel Greenman, PhD, C. Psych Scientist Emotional and interpersonal development, Individual, couple and group psychotherapy, Clinical health psychology
Jean Grenier, PhD, C. Psych Senior Scientist Psychology, Primary Care
Sylvie Grosjean, PhD Affiliate scientist Organizational communication, Organizational learning, Communication of organizational knowledge, Communication within working teams, Interactions analysis, Organizational ethnography
Agnes Grudniewicz, PhD Scientist Health Services