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First namesort ascending Last name IRHM Designation Research interests
Éric Dionne, PhD Scientist Evaluation, Research methods, Statistics, Teacher training, Testing
El Mostafa Bouattane, MD, MBA Scientist Performance management, Decision support services, Health system
Diana Koszycki, PhD, C. Psych Senior Scientist Anxiety disorders, Psychotherapy effectiveness Mindfulness, meditation, and spritually-based interventions, Determinants of anxiety and biological markers of stress
Denise Moreau PhD Scientist Social construction of motherhood, Maternity Experiences, Representations and practices of maternity (pregnancy , lactation ), Postnatal Depression, Joint work- life maternity, Motherhood for immigrants, aboriginals, homeless women
Denis Prud'homme, MD, MSc Senior Scientist Exercise, Physical activity, Obesity, Diabetes, Metabolic syndrome
Dawn Stacey, RN, PhD, CON(C) Affiliate scientist Supporting patients’ decision making with decision support tools and nurse coaching, Oncology nursing, Nurse telephone consultation, Knowledge translation and implementation of innovations in practice and organizations
Dave Holmes, Inf, PhD Senior Scientist Critical Theory, Risk and Health, Governmentality and nursing, Psychiatric Nursing and Nursing in Corrections / Sexuality and Public Health Nursing
Danik Lafond, PhD Affiliate scientist Sensorimotor deficits, functional capacity and chronic musculoskeletal pain, Therapeutic Interventions to exercise and musculoskeletal disorders
Daniel Amyot, PhD Scientist Health informatics
Claire-Jehanne Dubouloz, PhD Senior Scientist Learning process of clients in rehabilitation, Personal values and beliefs, The qualitative research, Practice based on scientific facts, Decison-making process