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Marc Carrier, MD, Msc Affiliate scientist Cardiovascular diseases Cancer
Marguerite Soulière, PhD Affiliate scientist Life cycles events, Risk of pathologization, Redefinitions of male/female, New networks of "key relations" (social kinship) and intra/intergenerational transmission, The use of creation as a method of data collection
Marie Drolet, PhD, TS/RSW Scientist Accès aux services sociaux et de santé, Services intégrés, Francophonie en situation minoritaire, Formation des futurs professionnels de la santé et des services sociaux, Enfance-jeunesse, Vieillissement
Marie-Claude Thifault, PhD Scientist Women’s Studies, Women, mental illness, institutionnalization in asylum, Women’s religious communities, Social and cultural history: Quebec, Canada, History of mentality, privacy and intimacy in asylum world, micro-history
Marie-France Lafontaine, PhD Senior Scientist attachment, clinical psychology, couple relationships, domestic violence, mental and physical health
Marie-Hélène Chomienne, MD, CCFP, MSc Clinical Senior Researcher Primary care Health of populations living in a minority situation
Martin Lauzier, PhD Senior Scientist Training and human resources development, Psychology of work and organizations Knowledge transfer, Transfer of learning, Change management, Presenteeism
Martine Lagacé, PhD Scientist Age stereotypes and discrimnation, Ageism, Self-esteem and wellbeing of seniors and aging workers
Mélanie Joanisse, PhD Clinical Researcher Psychology of health, Women's health, Aging, Chronic Disease Management, Integration of psychology into primary care
Michael Saginur, MD Clinical Researcher Politiques de santé, pédiatrie, soins primaires, santé des populations