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Agnes Grudniewicz, PhD Scientist Health Services
Alain Michon, MD Clinical Researcher Learning by simulation, Continuous training, Communication between health professionals
Alain Mouttham, PhD Scientist Multimorbidités physiques et mentales, Systèmes d’information et outils d’aide à la décision clinique, continuum de soinsPhysical and Mental Multimorbidities, Information Systems and Clinical Decision Support Tools, Continuum of Care
Alexandre Dumas, PhD Scientist Social inequalities in health and life styles among different social groups, Economic, political, ethical and social aspects of elderly and aging populations
Amanda Vandyk, RN PhD Scientist Mental Health Psychiatric, Nursing Education
Andrea Stewart, MD, FRCPC Clinical Researcher Risk management, Mental health, Continuous training, Suicide, Violence
Aurélie Baillot, PhD Affiliate scientist Physical activity among severe obese persons, Physical and mental health in severe obese persons
Bénédicte Fontaine-Bisson, DtP, PhD Affiliate scientist Nutrigenomics, Chronic diseases – Obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, Inflammation, Energy metabolism, Epidemiology/biostatistics, Nutrition interventions
Bernadett Kovacs. MD Clinical Researcher Intensive care medicine
Carole Lavoie, PhD Affiliate scientist Métabolism, Diabete