Regulated health professionals

Who belongs to the regulated health professions?

Members of regulated health professions play an active role in all of our departments. Each discipline is highly valued. Our hospital endeavours to equip its entire staff with the means to achieve professional fulfillment, engage in continuous training and implement the best practices of their discipline. Every day, our health care professionals enrich our hospital with their knowledge and expertise.

If you are a health care professional and would like to work in a stimulating, Francophone, multidisciplinary hospital, please visit our available jobs section

Professional Practice Model

Professional practice aims to create a working environment in which every health professional:

  • can work in an atmosphere of trust and mutual support; 
  • has access to the most effective tools and equipment;
  • contributes to a culture that promotes knowledge, development and integration;
  • achieves excellence by following best practices.

The Clinical Services branch is therefore developing a professional practice model. Under this model, leaders in each profession will contribute toward creating an environment of excellence. Each profession will achieve fulfillment within its discipline, while remaining independent and accountable. Each will also actively participate in decision making.

Hôpital Montfort places a great deal of importance on inter-professional collaboration in the pursuit of its activities.