Our team of psychologists works:

  • in the mental health program, offering specialized services to patients in the hospital, in out-patient units and in community settings;
  • in health psychology, primarily by providing consultation services to the chronically ill.

Our highly motivated professionals actively participate in education and clinical supervision activities for doctor of psychology students, and in research activities.

Our psychologists perform the following functions

  • Clinicians
  • Clinical researchers
    • Most are affiliated with the University of Ottawa and/or the Université du Québec en Outaouais as professors and researchers in psychology and/or medicine. Some are also active members of the Institut de recherche de l’Hôpital Montfort research institute.
  • Consultants
    • Consultants work with other health professionals in the clinical psychology and health fields.

Paul Greenman_0.png“I always tell my colleagues that wherever I go, I always end up back at Montfort.  This is where I completed my clinical psychology practicum and then my residency, and where I’ve since worked as a psychologist and researcher. The reason is simple: our team of psychologists is dynamic and interesting, and the atmosphere of work is stimulating and helpful. Montfort keeps me at the cutting edge of research and practice.”
Paul Greenman, Ph. D., Psychologist with Montfort since September 2006