The power of compassion

April 30, 2020


From the onset of the crisis that is currently marking the history of the world, the Montfort Foundation was creating a COVID-19 emergency fund. The purpose of this fund was to finance the various coronavirus-related needs of Montfort's staff and patients.

Soon after the fund launched, the foundation received a few major gifts. One of them was from one of the most influential leaders in the region — the family of Gilles Desjardins, president of the BRIGIL home construction company.

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Concerned with the fact that visits were no longer authorized at the hospital, the Desjardins family proudly designated their contribution to the purchase of iPads, in an effort to counter the isolation and loneliness that plagues our hospitalized patients.

"I couldn't remain indifferent to the sadness patients who are currently isolated from their families because of the virus must feel," says Mr. Desjardins. "I wanted to help them feel less alone. When the Montfort Foundation contacted me to propose I equip the hospital with iPads, I immediately accepted. I could not imagine having a more direct impact on these patients. Not only did it allow me to bring some relief to the families who have loved ones in the hospital, but I knew that buying iPads would also ease the burden on the staff, who care so much about their patients’ well-being.”

What a wonderful gesture of compassion, not only to care about the emotional wellness of others, but to act to guarantee it. Although COVID has succeeded in physically separating our patients from their loved ones, your compassion has the power to bring them back together and comfort them.

On behalf of all Montfort's patients and families who will benefit from your outstanding generosity and will now be able to keep in touch with their loved ones, we offer you our most sincere thanks.


Employees from the Information Technology Department with iPads in their hands