Polysomnographic technologists

Using cutting-edge equipment, Montfort’s dozen or so dedicated polysomnographic technologists help our in-patient and out-patient clienteles with the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. 

At Montfort, polysomnographic technologists

  • Evaluate and assist in making sleep disorder diagnoses;
  • Develop appropriate treatment plans;
  • Collaborate with regional home-care companies to ensure adequate and personalized treatment for our patients;
  • Contribute to research and education.


laboratoire_sommeil_paquette_2013.jpg“What could be better than to work in a spacious sleep lab equipped with the latest technology? The people on my team are warm, friendly and filled with energy. Anyone interested in joining a highly dynamic, pleasant team need look no further!”
Marc Paquette, Polysomnographic Technologist at Montfort since 2008