Our physiotherapists form a dynamic team that works with an adult and geriatric population, with its priorities focused on inter-professional collaboration. Our team of physiotherapists not only offers short-term care to patients in hospital, but outpatient consultations as well. Our physiotherapists are also called upon to work with therapeutic services assistants.

Our physiotherapists perform the following tasks

  • They deliver care to hospitalized patients in various units, including medical, surgical, intensive care and short-term rehabilitation units. They assess and treat patients to optimize their functional abilities.
  • They offer outpatient consultations to persons with muscular-skeletal problems, usually during the post-operative period. They also work in the hip replacement assessment client, in the falls clinic and in the cardiovascular and pulmonary health service.
  • They make a significant contribution to safe discharge planning.
  • They actively participate in training physiotherapy students and other health professionals.


“Montfort gives me a chance to work in French in a highly stimulating environment, and to form part of a dynamic team where helping one another comes naturally.”
Mélanie Farmer, Physiotherapist at Montfort since May 2002