The mandate of the Hôpital Montfort pharmacy is to fill prescriptions for hospitalized patients. Various community pharmacies are located nearby, including some that are open 24 hours a day to serve the public and outpatients.

The primary mission of the pharmacy is to dispense high-quality pharmaceutical care year-round, 24 hours a day, to patients admitted to Hôpital Montfort. The pharmacy ensures that all patients as well as members of multidisciplinary teams receive excellent quality service. The expertise of our clinical pharmacists is vital to the modern care we provide to patients.

Our role

Our pharmacy does much more than simply dispense medication to hospitalized patients!

It is active in a number of areas and maintains excellence in accomplishing the following roles:

  • Fill drug prescriptions and dispense drugs;
  • Provide pharmaceutical care to admitted and registered patients;
  • Monitor the use of medications, drugs and poisons;
  • Play advisory and educational roles among physicians, nurses, students, residents and other health care professionals;
  • Select, supply and conserve pharmaceutical products.


What to bring for your hospitalization at Montfort


To ensure proper continuity of care during your time at Montfort, it is important to bring the following items with you:

  • An up-to-date list of the medications, natural products and/or supplements that you take at home. Try to note down the medication dosage as well. 
  • If possible, bring along the medications, natural products and/or supplements that you take at home.
  • A list of your medication allergies and allergic reactions.

When preparing for elective surgery, you will meet with a pharmacy technician during your pre-admission appointment to complete a medical reconciliation (MedRec). A MedRec is a process by which health care professionals (a pharmacist or others) develop a comprehensive list of all the medications you take at home to ensure that they are appropriate and suitable during your hospitalization.  The purpose is to prevent medication errors during the transition to hospital.

During a general hospital admission, a member of your patient care team will also develop a MedRec for review by the pharmacist, if necessary. The pharmacist is responsible for monitoring the pharmaceutical therapy of hospitalized patients and for ensuring that it meets their needs effectively.

If you have questions for the pharmacy team, feel free to pass along the message to your physician or nurse.

Our team

Enthusiastic, professional and attentive, the pharmacy team collaborates with other health professionals to offer comprehensive care.

Our team would not be complete without the many pharmacists, pharmacy assistants and technicians, and administrative support staff who work closely together to achieve a common goal: ensuring the delivery of safe and effective pharmaceutical therapy to Hôpital Montfort patients. We are also proud to have pharmacy students and residents join us throughout the year. Attracting professionals from every corner of the country, each member of the pharmacy team contributes his or her specific and unique knowledge, all of which combines to ensure high-quality pharmaceutical care.

We are always looking for dedicated pharmacists to join our team. For more information about the roles of clinical pharmacists at Montfort, click here.


A few facts

13: The number of pharmacists employed at the hospital. One pharmacist is assigned to each floor to better serve patients.

24: The number of pharmacy technical assistants and pharmacy technicians who support the pharmacists.

42: The number of committees in which the pharmacy is involved.

1,200: The average number of new prescriptions filled by the pharmacy each day.