On October 19, Montfort opens a COVID-19 clinic in Orléans

People will be able to take a COVID test by appointment and be evaluated for respiratory problems

Ottawa, Thursday, October 15, 2020 - As part of regional pandemic efforts, a new COVID-19 care clinic will open on Monday, October 19 at one of the ice rinks in the Ray Friel Recreation Complex at 1585 Tenth Line Road.

The function of the clinic will be to screen for COVID-19 and assess individuals with symptoms of respiratory illness - cough, fever and cold like symptoms - that cannot be managed at home. Adults and children as young as six months of age will be able to receive care and be screened for COVID-19.

On opening day, Monday, October 19, the clinic will be open from noon to 3:30 pm. Thereafter, operating hours will be Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

As is the case everywhere in Ontario, it will be necessary to make an appointment before coming to the clinic for a COVID-19 test. Online booking is available through a website 24 to 48 hours prior to the appointment day, and will include two options for the visit:

  • Test only : For people with mild symptoms who only need to be tested.
  • Assessment by a doctor and test: For people who need to see a doctor because of pressure or discomfort in the chest, difficulty breathing or a sore throat.For those who do not have internet access, reservations can be made by calling 613-288-5353.

Offering services in both English and French, the clinic will be equipped to perform basic diagnostic tests such as COVID-19 screening and laboratory tests. It will help patients in the Ottawa area get the care they need. It will also allow local hospital emergency departments to focus on truly urgent cases.

The clinic will be managed by Montfort staff members.

This location was chosen after studying several sites in Orléans based on several criteria, such as the need for a safe environment, the size of the available space, the accessibility of the premises for people with reduced mobility, the proximity of public transit services, free parking, the extent of redevelopment work required, rental costs, etc.

A new door has been added to the Ray-Friel Recreation Complex to allow people who come to the clinic to enter and exit without any contact with people using the other services of the recreation complex. Access to the rest of the complex is blocked for the clinic's patients. The ventilation system for this ice rink is independent and completely separate from the rest of the complex. Indeed, the COVID-19 care clinic team would like to thank the City of Ottawa and the staff at the Ray Friel Recreation Complex for their support.

The clinic was designed to accommodate people with reduced mobility and in wheelchairs. People who have special accessibility needs should make an appointment by phone at 613-288-5353 and mention it to the clerk.

Ottawa residents can also be tested at the COVID-19 Care Clinic on Heron Road, also operated by Montfort; the COVID-19 Assessment Centre, located in the Brewer Arena, and the COVID-19 DriveTest Centre, located at 330 Coventry Road. In addition, another COVID-19 clinic is located on Moodie Drive, operated by the Queensway Carleton Hospital.


How do I book an online appointment?

  1. Go to the online booking website and fill in your information to register
  2. Click on “book appointment” in the top menu
  3. Choose which Care Clinic to go to: Ray-Friel or Heron
  4. Choose which type of visit you want: Swab only or Physician visit +/- test
  5. Select an appointment slot.
  6. Answer the COVID-19 screening questions. Ensure the information you are providing is correct.
  7. Confirm your appointment. You will get an email confirmation.
  8. You will get a text message explaining how to download the Savience Convey app (on the App Store and Google Play Store). Note: the app is needed to check in to your appointment
  9. Please plan to arrive in the parking lot no more than 20 minutes before your scheduled time and then make your way to the entrance for your scheduled time. Those arriving more than 15 minutes late for their appointment may not be able to be tested and may have to re-book.
  10. When you arrive at the Care Clinic for your appointment, please open the Convey app to check in to your appointment. This will notify the staff that you have arrived.

Those who do not have internet access can make a reservation by calling 613-288-5353.