Occupational therapists

The activities of our occupational therapists are centred on best practices. Their main goal is to offer high quality services that help people regain their abilities in various areas of life.

Our occupational therapists offer mental and physical health services in patient care units and on an outpatient basis. They form part of multi-professional teams. The group continues to grow with unfailing energy.

Our occupational therapists provide care to hospitalized patients

  • Assessment and treatment that maximizes the functional level of patients in physical, cognitive, perceptual and psychosocial terms.
  • Active involvement in discharge planning

They provide outpatient care

  • Pre-operative education for hip replacement cases
  • Geriatric clinic specializing in driver safety screening, cognitive assessment and daily living activities
  • Hand clinic

They provide mental health care

  • Optimization of social skills and self-esteem, stress management and self-empowerment in managing with their condition among hospitalized patients and outpatients.

They help supervise occupational therapy students from the University of Ottawa


2013-09-10_ergotherapeute_cathy_pacifici_005.jpg"In my first ten years of practice, I worked in different environments and I often changed jobs, looking for the place where I belonged. As soon as I arrived at Hôpital Montfort, I felt I was home. My colleagues accepted and supported me, but most of all; I could practice my profession in Ottawa in a French-speaking environment. Seven years later, I still feel that my place is here. I work in a stimulating environment that allows me to constantly upgrade my skills as part of an active, enthusiastic team.”
Cathy Pacifici, Occupational Therapist at Montfort since November 2005