Increase of $0.25 to daily parking fees

Ottawa, May 30, 2019 – Starting June 1st, 2019, the rate for visitors parking at Montfort will increase by $0.25 per day. It is the first increase of the rate in about 10 years. 

Here is what the new rates will look like:

Rate category  Current rate Rate starting
June 1, 2019
Day rate (provides one exit on the same day) $13 $13,25
24 heures (permet de multiples sorties et peut couvrir deux différentes journées) $17 $17,25
Passe HPASS avec privilèges d’entrée et de sortie illimités pour chaque période de 24 heures; valide pour une période de douze mois à compter
de la date d’achat

5-day HPASS

$32,50 $33

10-day HPASS

$65 $66,25

30-day HPASS

$195 $199














The rates per ½ hour ($3.50) and at the parking meters ($0.25 for two minutes) remain the same. 

Parking revenues allow the Montfort Foundation to help the hospital provide exemplary care, by funding the purchase of state-of-the-art medical equipment, infrastructure projects, health research, staff’s continuing education and the training of future health care professionals.

For comments on parking services at Hôpital Montfort, please contact

About Montfort 

Montfort is Ontario’s Francophone Academic Hospital, offering exemplary person-centred care. Affiliated to the University of Ottawa, the hospital serves over 1.2 million people in Eastern Ontario, in both official languages. Thanks to its partnership with the Institut du Savoir Montfort, a knowledge institute, Montfort has joined the ranks of Canada’s top 40 research hospitals. The daily actions of the Montfort team are guided by compassion, respect, mutual support, excellence and accountability. In 2019, it was named one of the world’s top 1,000 hospitals.

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