A new board member joins Montfort

Hôpital Montfort's board of trustees elected a new board member at its annual general meeting on June 20th, 2012. Mrs Brigitte Goulard holds an executive position in the credit union movement. Her vast knowledge of banking, her skills as a lawyer and her expertise in the field of government relations will undoubtedly prove to be a valuable asset for the hospital. 

We also note that Dr Jocelyn Denault, president of Montfort's medical staff, and Dr Robert Lussier, vice-president of medical staff, were both welcomed to the board as ex-officio members. 

Over 100 people attended the annual general meeting that took place last June 20th. Trustees, members of the public and employees were able to hear first-hand about Hôpital Montfort's accomplishments and achievements over the past year. A spirit of warmth and dynamism was palpable throughout the meeting. 

The board of trustees also took the opportunity to deliver a well-deserved homage to two outstanding former board members: 

Dr Harvey Barkun 

Dr Barkun was awarded as certificate to underscore his years of dedication towards Hôpital Montfort. He was also named an honourary member of the Association de l'Hôpital Montfort for his long service and and exceptional contributions in advancing the cause of Franco-Ontarians. Dr Harvey Barkun joined the board in 1998. He also sat on the research committee and the action committee that oversaw the genesis of the Institut de recherche de l’Hôpital Montfort. 

Dr Claudine Michaud 

The board of trustees also recognized the important contribution of Dr. Claudine Michaud by awarding her a certificate of merit. Dr Michaud served as vice-president of medical staff for four years and as president for two. Her engagement and inestimable contribution to the hospital were very much appreciated throughout her mandate. 

Donations received from our foundations 

Mrs Madeleine Joanisse, chair of the board of the Hôpital Montfort Foundation, and Mrs Christine Sigouin, president and CEO of the Hôpital Montfort Foundation, presented a cheque in the amount of 1.2 million dollars to Hôpital Montfort. It is with a great deal of appreciation that Mr. Alain-Michel Sékula, chair of the board of trustees, and Dr Bernard Leduc, president and CEO of the hospital, accepted this significant donation. 

The meeting also saw Mrs Brigitte Legare, president of the Auxiliaries/Volunteers Association, accompanied by Mrs Jeanne d'Arc Legault, who spearheaded a number of innovative fundraising activities, make a contribution of over 150 000 dollars to the hospital, thanks to the numerous initiatives and activities carried out by our dedicated volunteers.