Mother-baby care

Post-natal personal care and newborn care 

During your time at Montfort, you will receive regular assessments and information about your personal care during the postnatal period as well as information about the care of your newborn from our nursing staff.

The practice of routine circumcisions is not recommended by the Canadian Pediatric Society and is not offered at Hôpital Montfort. Information about community resources who provide this service can be obtained from our nurses during your hospital stay.

Newborn tests
Although most babies are born healthy, some may have rare and potentially serious health problems. When these problems are detected at the time of birth, newborns can be treated immediately. Ontario’s Newborn Screening Program can detect at least 29 disorders to ensure that every newborn has the best start possible. This screening is mandatory and the sample is taken from the baby’s heel.

Your baby will usually receive a Hearing Screening prior to discharge. This service is a requirement of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Occasionally, we are unable to provide this test during your hospital stay. If this occurs, you will be directed to complete the screening in an out-patient setting. Out of province patients are not eligible for the out-patient service as the hearing screening is only mandated for Ontario residents. To find out more about the program.

Infant protection
During your time in hospital, we will work with you to protect your newborn’s safety. All entrances to the unit are kept locked; entry is possible only by ringing the main nursing station.

Hôpital Montfort also has a newborn protection system that offers an extra layer of security. An electronic bracelet (tag) is placed on each newborn’s ankle after birth, allowing us to assure your baby’s presence in the unit at all times.

Our nursing staff will discuss with you the various strategies to help assure your baby’s safety while in hospital.

Custom menu
Hôpital Montfort’s Nutrition Services offers a custom menu to mothers in the Family Birthing Centre. The menu is varied and designed especially for the needs of mothers. They can order meals by phone in the morning, at lunch and at dinnertime. We offer a restaurant-style menu (à la carte) that combines nutrition and enjoyment. Depending on the mother’s appetite and specific diet, Nutrition Services will fill her order and make the requested meals, which are then delivered to her room. Nutrition Services can also help mothers make their menu selections to ensure an enjoyable mealtime experience.

A kitchenette is also available to you if you wish to bring in homemade meals.
Restaurant services are also available on site for the mother’s partner or support person.

Length of stay
Your time in hospital usually lasts from 24 to 48 hours for a vaginal delivery and from 48 to 72 hours for a cesarean. Mother and baby stay together in one room, unless the newborn requires care in the intermediate care nursery for medical reasons. In this case, the mother and/or partner are encouraged to accompany their baby at all times.

Mothers in the care of a midwife, who have had a vaginal birth, free of complications, leave approximately two hours after delivery.

Visitor and patient parking is available 24 hours/day on the east side of the hospital, near the main entrance. Learn more about daily rates and payment methods.

Departure time
Once the attending doctor or midwife authorizes your hospital discharge, we ask you to finalize your preparations to coordinate your departure within the hour. Make sure that you have a car seat for your newborn, and someone to accompany you home.