Montfort supports the 13 principles of the Ottawa Declaration

Montfort is proud of its rich history as a flagship organization of the Canadian Francophonie, and is confident in its future as an academic hospital offering exemplary care, conducting research and contributing to training the future generation of French-speaking health care professionals.

It is therefore with great interest that the Montfort team read the Ottawa Declaration, which was adopted during the 2017 Rendez-Vous Santé en Français by 350 French-speaking health care professionals from across Canada and internationally.

Not only does the Ottawa Declaration take a global approach to support health services in French in Canada, but the Declaration is also perfectly aligned with the vision, mission and strategy of Montfort, more specifically its strategic objective “to fully assume its provincial mandate”. 

This “provincial mandate” was conferred on Montfort by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care of Ontario in June 2013, in conjunction with its status as an academic hospital. The four elements of Montfort’s provincial mandate are:

  • Participating in planning and supporting French language health services, including clinical supports for patients and health professionals in communities across Ontario;
  • Supporting the Government of Ontario in meeting its obligations under the French Language Services Act;
  • Serving as a Centre of Excellence and hub for French language health care professional education, including ensuring the stability and coordination of French language clinical placements;
  • Demonstrating research and academic programming consistent with an Academic Health Sciences Centre.

It is thus with pride and conviction that Montfort, Ontario’s Francophone Academic Hospital, supports the 13 principles (six values and seven commitments) of the Ottawa Declaration, from the first principle, 

  • « We believe that a vibrant language is one used on a daily basis and throughout one’s entire life » 

to the last one, 

  • « We commit to Asserting our place on the international stage to promote our exemplary practices beyond our borders ».

About Montfort

Montfort is Ontario’s Francophone Academic Hospital, offering exemplary person-centred care. Affiliated to the University of Ottawa, the hospital serves over 1.2 million people in Eastern Ontario, in both official languages. Thanks to its partnership with the Institut du Savoir Montfort, a knowledge institute, Montfort has joined the ranks of Canada’s top 40 research hospitals. The daily actions of the Montfort team are guided by compassion, respect, mutual support, excellence and accountability.

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