Montfort and the novel coronavirus

Montfort is actively monitoring the situation regarding the new coronavirus (COVID-19) and is ready to respond.

What is the situation?

You have a fever and a cough or trouble breathing, and you or someone close to you has travelled to China in the last two weeks? You may be carrying the novel coronavirus, a virus with flu-like symptoms. 

The risk of getting the virus in Canada is low at this time.

What are we doing?

Montfort staff ask patients who come to the Emergency Department if they have travelled recently and what their symptoms are. This helps us to quickly identify people who may be carriers of the virus.

If necessary, appropriate screening tests will be done quickly and any positive screening result will result in additional precautions.

Our Infection Prevention and Control team remains in close contact with Ottawa Public Health and other agencies to assist in decision making and to receive updates on the virus.

What to do if you think you have the novel coronavirus?

If you think you have the virus and you come to the Emergency Department, put on a mask as soon as you arrive and inform the nurse at the reception desk..

Signs and symptoms to watch for:

Fever and Travelled to / from mainland China in the last 14 days before the onset of the symptoms
or or
Cough Been in close contact with a confirmed or probable case of the novel coronavirus
or or
Trouble breathing Been in contact with a person with acute respiratory illness who has been to/from mainland China in the 14 days before the symptoms

What to do if you have an appointment?

Montfort remains open and services continue to operate normally. The hospital is safe for patients and visitors.

If you have an appointment at Montfort and you have symptoms of the virus, call your clinic to find out if you should still come to the hospital.

It is important that you inform your health care team of any recent travel, including travel by your loved ones.

Should you be visiting someone in the hospital?

The hospital is safe for patients and visitors.

However, if you feel sick or have symptoms of a respiratory virus, do not visit patients in the hospital.