Medical units

Comprising four units, our medicine program includes 111 beds. It is the Hospital’s largest clinical component. It provides an extensive range of care and services in general medicine, geriatrics, cardiology, internal medicine, pulmonology, gastroenterology, hematology and neurology. 

Most of the care delivered in the medicine units is dispensed by family physicians, who have always played a key role in implementing our philosophy. From the hospital’s early days, we have always promoted a community-centred approach to health services. However, many specialists also contribute their expertise to the program. 

Doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, other health professionals and administrative staff work together as members of a large, interdisciplinary team that capitalizes on the contributions of every member with the interests of patients always at the forefront.

As a key component of our teaching and research mission, our medicine program contributes to the advancement of health care in Canada. Students of medicine, nursing care and other health professions are involved at all times. Many members of the clinical team also participate in various research projects in partnership with the University of Ottawa and other organizations.

Promotion of Mobilization Program (PROMO)

Montfort is proud of its Promotion of Mobilization program (ProMo), an offshoot of the Mobilization of Vulnerable Elders in Ontario (MOVE ON) project funded by the Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario (CAHO). ProMo has been established in all of the hospital’s surgical, medical, rehabilitation and psychogeriatric units. Montfort understands the importance of keeping active in the hospital to reduce the risk of potential complications resulting from long periods of bed rest.


Medicine 6C: 613-746‑4621, extension 3226

Medicine 4A: 613-746‑4621, extension 3212

Medicine 4C: 613-746‑4621, extension 3201

Medicine 3C: 613-746‑4621, extension 3400