A mammogram is an X-ray test that produces an image of the inner breast tissue. This technique is used to visualize structures within the breasts. Mammography, therefore, can help in identifying cysts, calcifications, and tumors within the breast.

A mammography is an examination used to detect breast pathologies. The breast is placed in a compression device, therefore the breast must be compressed. A diagnostic mammography is performed on individuals with symptoms (when a mass has been palpated in the breast) or for screening (to look for the presence of an anomaly in individuals without symptoms). 

Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP)
First established in 1990, the Ontario Breast Screening Program provides high quality breast cancer screening services to women living in Ontario, using mammography. The OBSP currently accepts women aged 50 and over who may refer themselves to the OBSP.

Exam Preparation Instructions for Mammography 



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